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Technology—Adapting to various software products can challenge the first-time user. Personally, I am awful with Microsoft Teams, a favorite of municipal governments, but I am competent with Adobe Connect, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Our focus is to create value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial return to the golf course owner.

We recently observed a software firm lose the opportunity to acquire a new client, though their software was superior to the others that presented but based on the platform they selected to demonstrate their software.

Why?  The City Manager and two Board members were unable to activate their cameras with the platform chosen by the Vendor.  While they listened to the presentation, two disconnected before the conclusion of the vendor’s demonstration.

Here is a thought to serve golf course owners more effectively: Prior to demonstrating one’s product, perhaps it would be wise to ask the potential client video connection platform they prefer and use that for the presentation. Just a thought.

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