What Are These Sports Enthusiasts Going to Do in 10 Years?

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“An estimated 5 million people will willingly crawl dozens of yards in dirt and rocks under barbed wire, wade in pools of mud and sometimes endure electric shocks and tear gas this year at obstacle races — a sport that has been called the fastest growing in America.”  Click here to read full article.

A sport that is 20% of the size of golf, finds individuals who are willing to subject themselves:

“Electroshock therapy and tear gas. Carrying sandbags through mountain ranges. Climbing up 20 feet of rope to ring a bell, without falling into the pool of mud below. Crawling through dark, wet tunnels, only to learn there’s a dead end at the end. Some of these obstacles may sound like retribution for protesting in an undemocratic country. But to the participants who sign death waivers and pay $100 or more for entry, they’re considered sport.”

When there bodies start failing, when they start to get married and have children, when they are becoming established in their careers, what are they going to do for recreation?  Here is hoping they turn to golf.

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