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As an individual that enjoys dabbling with numbers as a hobby, I analyzed 44 variables and have ranked ordered the profit potential of every golf course from 1 to 14,516 of every golf facility in the United States.  Do you where your course ranks?  Do you know the revenue potential that your golf course might achieve?

Of the 44 factors examined, nine factors measured within 10 miles of a golf course heavily influenced the course’s ranking:  MOSAIC profile, average age, median income, ethnicity, household participation, number of golfers, fees spent annually for golf, rounds played and number of courses. 

Despite the surge the Pandemic has produced, two benchmarks reflected that many golf courses face challenge.  Thirty-five percent of the golf courses are located where residents within 10 miles per 18 holes spend less than $1,000,00 annually.  Nearly 43% of golf courses have are situated where less than 1,000 golfers per 18 holes live within 10 miles of their facility.

One of the challenges noted for a golf course is where the slope rating of their course did not match the MOSAIC profile (a person’s favorable predisposition to play golf).  We noted in many instances where the golf course was too difficult for a large portion of the residents.  In such cases, the golf course’s EBITDA was negative.

Would you like to know your number?  Give me a call at 303 596 4015 to arrange a 15-minute pro bono zoom meeting to ascertain if you course is meeting its potential.

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