What Are People Saying about “The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses – Shortcut to Financial Success”?

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Book Reviews – These industry leaders were so kind as to share their opinion for which we are very appreciated.

I purchased the 2020 ebook and read the first few chapters on the plane this morning.  Wonderful content so far!  Interesting as my business grows and opportunities present themselves I believe this will be a great “Playbook!”   I appreciate the dedication to creating such a wonderful resource!
Craig Heibert, City of Louisville, KY:  Golf Course Manager

“I loved your book!  I have read the entire thing, and in my humble opinion, its another masterpiece.  I think nearly every paragraph contains something of value, and in only a few concise sentences each.  I enjoy your common sense, statistical analysis, brevity and directness.
Jeff Brauer, ASGCA

First of all, thank you for memorializing your thoughts, impressions, observations and opinions into a book.  I’ve found it to be an insightful read, and it helped me crystallize some of my thoughts that I’ve had intuitively.   Looking forward to implementing some of the insights you’ve brought forward, and have since purchased a second copy for my GM.
Brock White, Stonebridge Meadows in Fayetteville, AR

A lot of good information in the book.
Kevin Collins, Owner – Golf Club at Ravenna

“Really like what you’ve created here.  Initial thoughts are it appears to me to have a bit of a Socratic philosophical or teaching theme to it which has left me asking myself many questions. Definitely a good read. It’s a good kickoff point for someone questioning their golf course operation and how they might effectively work to make it more fiscally rewarding. Ideally, you will create a whole new group of fans who will appreciate the knowledge you are providing and see it as an aid to help them improve their ability to operate more effectively in the industry.
Peter Aiello, Investor – Kokanee Springs Resort 

“Anyone who does not study J.J. Keegan’s informative “The Winning Playbook” is placing themselves and their golf facility at a serious competitive disadvantage, since everyone else will be reading it and incorporating its lessons into their business model.”
Bradley S. Klein

You cannot succeed without a plan. Jim Keegan breaks down every aspect of running a successful golf course business and provides the tools and templates needed to make a plan a great plan. You’ll personally profit from Jim’s years of experience and knowledge, and your business will profit too.
Harvey Silverman
Marketing consultant and golfer


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