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Live: May 31

1) Adding the ability for the end-user to create golf playable day reports by Month, Calendar Year and Fiscal Year.
2) Fine tune the definition of playable days by region allowing end user to define a golf playable day based on maximum & minimum temperatures, precipitation, snow (inches and forecasted melt based on accumulation), wind (based on exceeding a certain threshold, i.e., 15 m.p.h. for more than ___ minutes). Last week we completed our analysis of 4 years of golf sales vs. weather and were able to fine-tune definitions for the standard Golf Datatech regions. These will be incorporated on May 31.

Live: Jun 30

1) Convert playable days into playable hours
2) Allow the end user to define the number of rounds in a golf playable day
3) Adjust the weekly, monthly and annual forecasts to delineate total golf playable rounds versus anticipated golf playable rounds by day, week, month, year
4) Allow the end user to enter REVPAR (revenue per available round) or REVPUR (revenue per purchased round)
5) Automatically calculate the impact of reduced playable hours based on weather on weather by day, week, month year
6) Create the ability to pull the data in 1 – 5 above within 1 minute by creating a template of locations that can be added to generate report
7) Allow the end user to enter budgeted revenue prospectively
8) Allow the end user to enter actual revenue retroactively
9) Measure the total impact of weather on actual revenue achieved.

Live: Jul 31

1) One month forecast will be free
2) 11-month forecast will be available to paid subscribers

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