USGA Sr. Dir. Says Rules Could Be Simplified

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A Golf Magazine podcast (click here) USGA Senior Director of Rules of Golf & Amateur Status Thomas Pagel states with 34 rules and over 1,200 decisions that the rules of golf are becoming too complicated.   With three full-time staff members on staff at the USGA that should be prima facie evidence that the rules are burdensome.

Expect by 2020 with the next quadrennial update to the rules massive changes.   Inadvertent touching the line of the putt is likely not to be  a violation.  Don’t be surprised if rule 26 -water hazards, rule 27 –  lost ball or out of bounds, and rule 28 – ball unplayable are consolidated with for stroke and distance penalties modified.

Some officials we have spoken with that are involved in the process suggest that the Rules of Golf may be reduced to 20 rules.  That would be marvelous.

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