Unsubscribe. A Great Example of How Not to Do It

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What Should Be So Easy – Some Vendors Make so Hard!

When traveling and am online for only 2 hours per day, my INBOX is stuffed with many superfluous emails.   As a matter of course, I unsubscribe from many.  The “S’s” included Shutterstock, Sonos, and Sunglass Hut.  Many are correctly one click, others have your update your subscription to unsubscribe, some include a question as to why you are leaving.

There was one, however, that was powered by EZ LINKS Golf, that really frosted me.  Here is a mistake never to make to ensure your departing customers isn’t offended.

I clicked the button to unsubscribe to the Golf Tournament Association of American newsletter and got this screen.

When I clicked unsubscribe, the following screen then popped up:

You are required to enter your address and zip code before they will process the unsubscribe.  How offensive.  Shame on them!

As yes, you have to supply both answers before they will process the unsubscribe as noted below:

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    Completely agree. I must unsubscribe or send to junk 20 emails every day. Very frustrating and time consuming over the course of a year.