“There Oughta Be a Law” – A Cartoon Strip

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Growing up one of my favorite cartoon strips was Harry Shorten and Al Fagaly’s cartoon strip “There Oughta Be A Law.” Their cartoon strip was inspired by Jimmy Hatlo’s “They’ll Do It Everytime” which was premised on people in every corner of the country were brimming with seemingly small observations about mundane yet captivating matters.

It is this spirit, that I pen observations noted recently:

  1. GolfNow should be honest that there software doesn’t flawlessly work.   Their reservation system, on occasion, book golfers into slots already filled or into tournament groups where no tee times are available.  A leading Troon property turned off the software platform this summer because the error rates were high and customer inconveniences large.
  2. Dr. Joseph Beditz has admirably led the National Golf Foundation for over 30 years.   Perhaps, he will retire within the next few years.  David Lorentz, Market Research Manager, would be a good candidate for the Board to consider for Dr. Beditz’s replacement.   Lorentz’s research on Millennials was really good.  If the NGF hires somebody focused on business development who represents form over substance, the industry will not be well served.
  3. Starbucks mobile app is worthless at O’Hare.  There are three stores between gates F6 and B23.  The app can’t locate a store at O’Hare but places your order at the nearest off airport location.
  4. Adobe, American Express, Apple, Chase, Marriott and many others, if you forgot your password, require you to create a password that hasn’t been used in your three prior passwords and during the last 12 months.   Despite Robot Tools, 1 Password or other login software packages, what a pain to have to constantly create new passwords.  No wonder one can’t remember based on the numerous constraints applied by these companies.
  5. Oklahoma City Airport Car Rental Shuttle is likely to have exceedingly long lines.   The buses are consistently packed.  It makes you wonder if the drivers are getting paid by the numbers of people transported rather than the number of hours worked.
  6. The quality of the diet strawberry limeades at Sonic in Hennessey and Enid Oklahoma are awful.   You would think that Sonic would have consistent standards throughout their chain.
  7. Google Business Listing robo phones calls violate Federal Law.  Despite pressing 7 to be unlisted on the first call, they have called 21 days in a row.  The fact that every call is from a unique phone number, blocking the number isn’t possible.   For a leading technology company not being able to use technology properly is disappointing to the point of being infuriating.
  8. United Airlines flight notification service, while well intended, is a joke.  When a flight is running late, they indicate that the flight is departing 30 minutes later and then update the notice every 30 minutes rather than giving you a realistic time for departure.  This summer I have three flights delayed more than 4 hours and two flights over 1 hour late.   The text messages you get just are not accurate.  Why can’t United Airlines be honest with their customers?
  9. United Airlines use to provide a $200 flight credit when they screwed up for a flight being incredibly late.  They now only give you $100.   My letter to United Customer Service documenting the cacophony of chaos caused on a UAL affiliate flight resulted in a $150 credit.
  10. BBVA undertakes software upgrade to their online banking system in June.  They overlook the requirement to interface to Quick Books and Quicken.  Three months later the integration still has yet to be achieved.  What a major oversight!
  11. Vail Resorts launches 96 hour “snow sale” expiring August 28, 2016 featuring the lowest prices of the season.  A room on New Year’s Eve at the Ritz Carlton is $3,015 per night.  The Game Creek Chalet is $10,500 per night.    I would hate to see the prices if the rooms weren’t on sale. Vail 3Vail 5That are my pet peeves, what are yours?  Comment below.   Thank you.

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