The Environmental Challenges Facing Golf and How Golf is Rising to Meet Them – A Guest Blog Entry by Edgar Nighy

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The Rise of Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

Very few non-motorized sports come under fire as regularly as golf for their environmental impact. What is sometimes overlooked is the amount of work golf is doing to ameliorate the effect it has on the environment, and in some cases even endeavoring to be a positive force in landscape management.

This infographic outlines the challenges facing golf and shows how golf can become more eco-friendly. Covered are methods clubs can utilize to manage courses organically, reduce their carbon footprint, help wildlife and move towards having zero water wastage. Peppered throughout are examples of where these methods have been put into practice by golf courses around the world. Finally the infographic looks at how you, as a golfer, can make a difference. Be it through your own actions or by helping your club be more eco-friendly in its management and practices.



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