The Correlation Between the MOSAIC Profile and the Slope Rating

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MOSAIC USA is part of a global segmentation network that classifies more than one million people worldwide.  There are distinct groups that share common characters, motivations, and consumers.

Using highly localized statistics and the simple proposition that golfers share comparable attitudinal behaviors, we have completed extensive research and field testing the correlation between the MOSAIC profile of residents and the slope rating as to the probability that the golf course can be financially successful.  We calculate the number of sophisticated singles, bourgeois prosperity, career and family and comfortable retirement within 10 miles of the course contrasted to the US population.

The results we have observed for our clients are stunning.  Presented below is the table we have developed:

As with all research, there are caveats.  For example, if a golf course’s score is between 0 – 2, it does not mean that they are precluded from financial success.  The golf courses merely need to important golfers from beyond the 10-mile radius, i.e., think of remote of remote exclusive private clubs and destination resorts as examples.   Also, a golf course that is too difficult for residents in the immediate vicinity,  can renovate their golf course making it more aligned with the preferences of local golfers.

Unsure what your golf course’s MOSAIC profile is?  Call me at 303 596 4015 to discuss.

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    Here in Minnesota, the “fun and playable” courses definitely seem to be thriving.

    As someone who has run golf events for 20 years and talked with tens of thousands of golfers, my observation is people enjoy scoring well and not losing tons of golf balls.

    Thanks for all you do JJ.