Starbucks + MOSAIC Profile + Slope Rating = Your Course’s Potential for Success

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How many Starbucks stores are located within a 10 mile radius of your golf course?  If the answer is 0, unless you are a destination resort, it is our belief your golf course is probably financially challenged.  Further, based on the demographics located within 10 miles of your facility, there is an ideal “slope” rating that will maximize your financial return.

We often utilize heuristic principles in our research.  We create insights that produce meaningful value that while not guaranteed to be optimal, are good enough for a given set of goals.  We employ this methodology where an exhaustive search is impractical.  Heuristic methods are used to speed up the process of finding a satisfactory solution via mental shortcuts.

In the numerous geographic local market studies performed for clients throughout the US, we have observed in places like south of I-20 and inside of the I-285 loop in Atlanta or even a rural area like Morganton, NC, the number of Starbucks stores located within 10 miles is an accurate predictor if the golf course is prospering.

Why?  Starbucks selects locations based on the attitudinal behavior of consumers within a defined geographic radius.  Known as the MOSAIC profile, Experian classifies all individuals within ten defined groups.  If the population within 10 miles of a golf course has a concentration greater than 20% of the general population, amongst sophisticated singles, bourgeois prosperity, career and family and comfortably retirement, a golf course with a slope rating greater than 120 has a chance for financial success.

Intrigued?  Call us at 303 283 8880 and we will show you how the JJ Keegan Predictive Index is an accurate barometer of your ranking amongst the 15,204 golf courses in the US and how much is being spent on green fees, cart, merchandise and food and beverage within 10 miles of your course.

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