Sports Marketing Surveys Inc. publishes fabulous study on UK Involvement in golf

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On  November 10, 2015, John Bushnell, Managing Director, published a compelling report on golf in the UK.  The press release read,

“The European Tour commissioned market leading sports research company SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. to undertake an innovative investigation into the UK’s involvement in any form of golf to measure the ‘Golf Actives’.

Traditionally, golf’s participation measurement has been based on the number of individuals participating in the sport through playing on a full length golf course.

This new research conducted by SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. extends its boundaries to include elements such as visiting the driving range, a golf simulator, putting greens and playing on a 9 hole course. The research also counts more non-traditional versions of the game such as adventure golf, and playing golf computer games.

When looking at these Golf Actives, the sport sees 9.3 million adults and 1.7 million children having some form of involvement with golf; a total of 11 million participants in the UK. Those playing on a full length course – the traditional barometer – accounts for 3.5M of these Golf Actives.


The key conclusion to the study is that the interest in golf is far broader than traditionally defined.   Yea!

To read the full article, click here

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