Can You Help Me Out: Part 1 – How Accurate is This List?

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The History of Golf Management Software:
You Need A Scorecard to Tell the Players Apart
JJ Keegan –
Harvey Silverman –
(C) All rights reserved, 2022

The summary presented below is a high overview of the firms that have had considerable influence in the golf industry, principally in North America, over the past 50 years.  We are confident that some firms that may been involved in golf software have been inadvertently omittted.

Given the fluid nature of the industry and that the vast majority of these firms were privately held, we believe that the list fairly states in all significant and material ways those companies that may have had a considerable influence in the golf industry.

Though every reasonable attempt has been made to confirm the information herein, no representations are made, however, that the list is accurate.  If you see data that should be updated, we would appreciate it if you would email me at with the name of the software firm overlooked, the date of their incorporation, and whether they were sold, liquidated or remain active in the golf industry.

We want to ensure that, in time, the list will be more accurately reflect the history of the golf software industry.

In the interim, we accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies contained herein.  The reader accepts complete and sole responsibility in reliance on the data presented below.

The key is as follows:

BLACK –                    The firm was sold
RED –                         The firm appears to have closed.
GREEN –                    The firm is active in the golf industry.
ORANGE –                 The firms are active though they may no longer be involved in the golf industry.

1950’s              Smyth Systems

1968                 Handicomp

1970                Aptech

1970’s             Country Club Systems

1970’s              Micros

1970’s              Ticketmaster

1980’s              Diamond Management Systems

1980’s              GolfNet

1981                Abacus 21

1985                Computer Golf Software

1986                Vermont Systems

1987                Chelsea Reservations

1989                Fairway Systems

1991                T-Links

1991                Jonas Software

1991                IBS

1993                Pro-ShopKeeper (ClubProphet)

1994                Fore! Reservations

1994                NetCaddy

1994                American West Tee Times

1995                EZLinks Golf

1995                Double Eagle Systems

1996                Golf Digest Information Systems

1996                Club Essential

1996                Ready Golf Reservations

1996                Teemaster

1997                Talbot & Association (TAI Club Management)

1997                Crescent Systems

1998                T-Links (GDIS Systems renamed)

1998                Active

1998                Jencess

1998                Epani

1998                GolfSwitch, renamed e2e Golf Solutions in 1999

1998                Book4Golf (Reporrted to have lost 28.1 million)

1999       (renamed Lost $35 million

2000’s              LastMinute Golfer

2000’s              BRS Golf


2000’s              Starplan

2000                 Szen

2000                Global Golf Marketing

2000                Open Time Times Online

2001                Spectrum Golf

2001                CyberGolf

2001                Tee Time King

2001                GoGoWatch (renamed TeeTimeWatch)

2001                GolfGopher

2002                CourseTrends (Distinct Golf Software Solutions)

2002                ForeTees

2002                Click4teetimes

2002                Cypress Golf Solutions

2003                Northstar Club Management

2004                Golf Hero

2004                Golf18Network

2005                Teeconnect

2006                Active Golf Solutions

2006                W5Golf

2007                Strackaline

2007                Agilesys

2009                GolfPipeline

2011                Quick18

2011                Gallus Golf

2011                Supreme Golf

2011                GolfEMS

2012                Chronogolf

2012                ForeUp

2013                TeeSnap

2013                OpenTee

2014                Golfer

2014                GolfSmash

2015                GolfPay

2016                Lightspeed

2016                Orca Report

2016                Digital Golf Pass

2016                SmartGopher

2019                ClubCaddie

2019                Sagacity Golf

2019                Metolius

2020                Battery Ventures Partners/Club Essential

2020                Birrdie

2021                Links DAO

2021                Teleo Capital/Telesnap

2021                Heard Hospitality

2022                Golf Unity


In preparing this list, a great deal of appreciation is extended to Harvey Silverman (Silverback Golf Marketing), Jim Fedigan (Jonas), Devin Meister (Club Essential), and Tom Robshaw (Club Prophet) and Alan Fisher.


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