PGA: Facility Operations Scorecard – A Valuable Management Tool

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We queried in our February newsletter whether the PGA was publishing its Annual Operating Survey Results.via PGA PerformanceTrak which included 50 insightful reports.

Recently a very timely email from Arjun Chowdri, Chief Innovation Officer, who indicated that PGA PerformanceTrak has been upgraded and renamed as the “Facility Operations Scorecard.”

It is really good.  A PGA member can enter the parameters they seek to review and quickly receive a graphic report.  Filters include year, holes, facility type, PGA Section, State.

Here is a snapshot for the nation’s municipal golf courses:

There are additional filters shown below that facilitate meaningful analysis:

The Facility Operations Scorecard is a valuable resource in its graphical presentation of data.  It only might be enhanced if full and part-time staffing levels and salaries by department (administration, food and beverage,  maintenance and pro shop) were detailed.  Also knowing water and electrical expenses would provide additional valuable information. 

It is with much hope that PGA Professional take the time to submit their 2018 financial information in the Annual Operating Survey so that the results published are statistically valid.  Here’s hoping.


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