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The subject line of this email may be unsettling.  You may have to think long and hard.  This is probably the most important initiative you could undertake for 2016.

Why?  It will enable you to compare your facilities’ rounds and revenue to your competitors – as the hotel industry has done for 30 years with the STAR® report.

My team would like to introduce you to the benefits of the ORCA Report – click here:

The ORCA Report:

  1. Calculates a cost for Barter and helps your facility manage them effectively.
  2. Provides the most comprehensive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) benchmarking report available in the golf industry today.

A little background – I am an expert in this space.  I have the 10,000 hours.   Since 1993, I’ve been involved in tee time technology and marketing as a co-founder, owner and evangelist for Cypress Golf Solutions.  I helped Cypress Golf launch all of the early markets, partnered with all licensees, and facilitated the sale Comcast/Golf Chanel in 2008.  For the ensuing five years at GolfChannel. I mentored Jeff Foster, SVP and his team learn the business.  Something didn’t feel right.

During the past three years I analyzed why golf courses stay with GolfNow.com despite all of the industry rhetoric about how ‘bad’ GolfNow is for their business.

Here is what I learned from which you can benefit.  Golf courses don’t abandon GolfNow from fear.  Golf Courses are afraid because they think if they leave GolfNow their rounds and revenue will suffer.  That fear comes from uncertainty of knowing the benefits and cost of GolfNow. While you think you may know the cost/benefit,  I’d like to show you what we’ve created.

ORCA allows each golf course to select their competitive set of courses and compare results.  We give you independent, trusted data for communicating your facility’s performance.  We provide actionable data relative to your performance that will mentor you with respect to pricing decisions.

We are launching this quarter in Arizona, Nevada and California.  The best operators (independent and management companies alike) have reviewed it and hailed the insights as the answers they were seeking.  Leaders at Billy Casper, Arcis, OBSports, PGATOUR Properties, Marriott and Kemper have confirmed the ORCA has ‘cracked the code’ that will begin in 2016 a new phase in online tee time marketing.

Currently, over 60 courses have committed including the most respected public facility owners and operators.  There is strength in numbers.  We invited you to participate.  We merely need to export tee sheet to our trusted independent analysis system secured by a confidentiality agreement.  It’s also inexpensive, the cost of $1,788 per course r year.  We believe your return on investment will be 20 fold.

Let’s talk about we can create the foundation for your golf courses’ improved financial performance.

Mike Loustalot

The Orca report

+480 236 4497

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