October 21, 2014: NRPA Congress Presentation – Winning Playbook for Municipal Golf Courses

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Castle Pines, CO (October 21, 2014)  JJKeegan+ presents “The Financial Potential of a Golf Course Unveiled.” at 2014 National Parks and Recreation Annual Congress  and Exhibition

With an audience of the leading Directors of Parks and Recreation in the United States, most of whom are operating golf courses that are losing money and unavailable to fund capital improvements, J. J. Keegan presented the results of a doctoral dissertation by Rick Lucas, Director of the Clemson University PGA Professional Golf Management Program that revealed the financial potential for a golf course can be clearly determined based on the application of seven key principles.

“What is exciting for me,” J. J. Keegan commented, “Is the opportunity to present to today’s leaders of the nation’s Park and Recreation Departmentsa formula that creates values for golfers on a foundation that ensures that the financial potential of a golf course is optimized.  While some courses will continue to be extremely challenged, based on their location and the associated demographics, the general malaise that hovers over the industry is largely unwarranted.  Golf courses that operate within the top 100 core based statistical areas offer great value to the citizens and investment returns if managed properly.”

JJKeegan+’s differentiator is that we that create astute insights that achieve awesome results from a golf management system that has been vetted by leading PGA Directors of Golf at over 50 golf courses during our 2013 and 2014 Webinar series. We have conclusively demonstrated how simple rules of thumb that focus on key pieces of information, and ignore all other evidence, can improve the financial performance of a golf course.

These efforts serve as the platform for the firms educational offerings that are reflected in the “Business of Golf” book series.”  Click here to learn more or to register for the Winter Webinar series starting January 8, 2014 Register Now. For Additional Information
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