May 14, 2015: JJKeegan+ Introduces “Business of Golf Barometer”

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Castle Pines, CO (May 14, 2015) JJKeegan+ introduces a “Business of Golf Barometer” at to provide golf course owner instant insights on contemporary topics that are impacting their daily operation.

J.J. Keegan, Managing Principal of JJKeegan+, stated, “The vast majority of golf courses operate in a vacuum. They might see a monthly magazine or chat with friends at an annual trade show regarding best management practices. The operation of a golf course is a dynamic responsibility with new challenges arising daily. The Business of Golf Barometer polls monthly key executives monthly on challenges they are facing and provides immediate feedback to guide them.

For May, 2015, issues explored include diversity and inclusion, revenue generated by management companies from the sale of loyalty cards, revenue retained by management companies who participate in third party distribution networks on behalf of a client, interface fees paid to software companies by third party distributors, if long-range weather forecasts be leveraged to increase net income, and whether golf courses can be efficiently managed by following a codified set of rules of thumb.

JJKeegan+ is pleased to underwrite the “Business of Golf Barometer” based on the belief that our clients are golf course owners and managers who are seeking to maximize the financial performance of their golf course. Questions posed will be updated monthly based on current issues impacting the profitability of golf courses.

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