Long Time Pellucid ‘Associate’ Silverman splits, we hear, in dispute with Koppenhaver and Lindsay…

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At issue, we understand, is the strategic direction of generating meaningful and relevant content for golf course owners beyond market analysis, weather reports and golfer studies.   One of the debates we heard was the importance of social media as an effective marketing tool for golf course owners.   Silverman was pro “yes” while his associates, particularly Lindsay, were adamantly “no.”  It is a shame they didn’t depart as friends but I understand with Pellucid and Lindsay that is how it works.  Black and white – there is no gray.

Be interesting to watch how this gets spun.

Silverman sends email on May 22, 2015 stating,

“The split was more mutual than not, and had nothing to do with social media. We had some personality issues that Jim found tiresome to manage given his 50-60 hour/week, high stress day job. As you might imagine, he has no choice but to support Stuart under any and all circumstances, so I became the “strong personality” that needed to be either muted, or ejected. I chose the latter. But, I had already begun setting the stage with my clients of a possible split, and all have stayed with me while declining Pellucid’s offer to continue providing the reports from the former FORE Reservations. “

What is interesting about this email is that Koppenhaver’s involvement in the golf industry is “part time” maintaining a 50-60 hour/week, in a high stress day job.  I wonder what his inability to maintain a full-time consulting practice in the golf industry speaks to.




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