“Life is Better With Golf Challenge” – The Management Team at Play Golf Calgary…

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Are really good and provide great examples all golf course operators should emulate.

Framed with a great “Why” statement to emotionally engage the golfer, Scott Atkinson and Slade King have crafted a very creative idea providing 20 opportunities to engage and retain the customer.  See:  Life is Better With Golf Challenge

During the JJKeegan+ 2015 Winter Webinar series in which they participated, the give and take debate was outstanding.   They are clearly among the Top 10 best course operators we have had the opportunity to be involved with.

Why is it that the poor operators always have all the answers where the best operators are constantly pushing themselves to find new solutions to create value for golfers on a foundation that increases the financial performance of their golf course?

The next webinar series starts September 9, 2015.  Register now:  http://www.golfconvergence.solutions/store/webinar-series-deposit/

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