Kemper Sports – Awesome Event: Bandon Solstice.

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Like the little red engine, I think I can, I think I can.  For the past three months with the help of Dee Tidwell, a certified Titleist Fitness Instructor, (click here) and Aline Thompson (click here) a Physical Therapist who specializes in dry needling, I have tried to prepare for the Kemper Sports Management 2015 Bandon Solstice scheduled for June 15-16.  Click here to download:  Bandon Solstice Information.  You play 72 holes – one day, walking.  I sort of feel like the college student about to take a final exam who hasn’t read the textbook and skipped most of the classes.  Band-Aids, Bactine, Energy Bars and a  24-ounce water container are already packed with my Game Golf tracking device.

My concern is down to what shoes and what socks.  The Footjoy DNA’s are light but you can feel the front left spike in your toes after 18 holes.  The Footjoy Classics are comfortable but very heavy to trudge around in.  Perhaps I will wear my Nike Running Shoes that I ran the 10K Boulder Bolder in a time of 58 minutes 12 seconds.   Or, should I try the Adidas shoes that are included in the first tee package?  Tempted but a new pair of shoes for 28 miles – probably not.  What suggestions do you have?  Comment below.

This is the 5th year Kemper Sports has hosted the event.

One of my joys in life is visiting Bandon, particularly the Labyrinth.  If it weren’t for my precious wife’s distaste for the occasional wind, rain and cold weather, I would  move there in a heartbeat and apply for a job as a starter or caddie when I retire.  The entire atmosphere is that good as the Kemper team (Hank, BR, Jeff, Shoe, Darla) make one feel as they are at home.

The only suggestion I have is the following tee prize for next year:

Nine Bridges Pillow - World Club Championship Pillow

My wife and I always seems to be wrestling for whose pillow is whose.  That nightly debate has now been settled.

Chris Ahn, General Manager of Nine Bridges in Korea and David Smith of Golf Projects International, like Kemper does in the United States, set the standard for incredible service in Asia having had these pillow cases made for our time at the World Club Championship in Korea from May 17 – 23.

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