Just launched: Quick.golf – Addressing the Two Biggest Problems in Golf

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At JJ Keegan+ our mission is to create astute insights that produce meaningful value for golf course operators.   We are constantly researching and learning of new initiatives in the golf industry.   Recently, Harvey Silverman was kind enough to introduce us to Quick.golf.

Quick.golf addresses the two biggest problems in golf – courses have capacity they cannot sell, and golfers don’t have time to play as much as they’d like. Quick.golf enables courses to easily offer pay-by-hole golf to time-constrained golfers, while creating a new, incremental revenue opportunity.

Visit www.quick.golf/playnow (for golfers), and www.quick.golf/joinus (for golf courses).

They have just launched a pilot program with over 20 courses, and are testing their first iteration. Its success will fuel additional features and functionality. Quick.golf is a web app, not a native app. Taking this route enables them to make changes quickly without having to resubmit to Apple and Android. So, golfers find Quick.golf on their smartphone browser, not in an app store. Once bookmarked, it acts and responds just like a native app.

Their initial marketing effort is to assist client courses in marketing the service to their own customers. Once they have built some critical mass, they will launch some regional and national advertising, likely Google and Facebook ads. They think Quick.golf will be more eagerly embraced by Millennials than the traditional, older golfer for a couple of reasons. One is the technology. The other is lifestyle – Millennials have far more time constraints than older golfers, particularly those who are retired.

Their business model is commission-based. They charge a one-time fee of $299 for a course to join – this includes a collateral package of a 6-foot banner, three posters, and 1000 4” x 6” two-sided postcards, and other marketing material. They take a 20% commission from each transaction, and they process the credit card transaction – think Uber and Lyft.   The company has three investors all of whom are golf course operators. That was one of their investor criteria – they wanted people on board who run golf courses and can provide solid operational advice.

This seems like a great idea. If you would like additional information, contact Harvey Silverman:

O: 650.362.3229
M: 650.346.3566
E: harvey@quick.golf
W: www.quick.golf/joinus



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    The concern I have is the general managing down of the golf course experience. The USGA’s ‘Play Nine’ initiative and now an even more chopped up round playing just a few holes. The underlying goal of clearing unused capacity is noble – I just have my doubts about how golfers will come to view a day at the course if it becomes the sport equivalent of a quick beer or two at the pub. I wish them well with their pilot program; golf does need more fresh solutions and experimentation.