Is the Ad Misleading?

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The fine print reads, “The Ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday Golf Bundle.  USE Code “BlackFriday” at Check Out.

What would you expect if you read that ad?  I was anticipating that it would be percentage discount on the purchase of the SQAIRZ golf shoes which advertise that the shoe will “improve your balance and stability while creating a ground force connection that increases torque, swing speed and distance.”

When one entered the discount code “BlackFriday” and check out, it shows the value of the deal at $0.00 as shown below:

Instead, if you bought the golf shoes at retail, you received “a golf hat, socks and a golf shoe bag?  These products I have no interest in or any need for.

I question whether that qualifies as the “The Ultimate Back Friday and Cyber Monday” deal.  Don’t know how this promotion strikes you, but for me, I felt I was mislead and hustled.  While I was inclined to buy the golf shoes, obviously, I passed.

What do you think?  Please comment below.  Really appreciate learning your perspective.

Lead Author:  James J. Keegan, Envisioning Strategist, and Reality Mentor.  His sixth book, “The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses: Shorts-Cuts for Long-Term Financial Success,” was released on June 20, 2020,  Keegan was named one of the Top 10 Golf Consultants and Golf Advisor of the Year in 2017 by Golf, Inc. Keegan has traveled more than 2,990,000 miles on United Airlines, visiting over 250 courses annually and meeting with owners and key management personnel at more than 6,000 courses in 58 countries.


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