GolfNow: Golf Summerlin Tee Time Reservation Review

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This is a PPTX presentation documenting that GolfNow incorrectly advertised a 20% discount, blocked the I/P address of secret shopper and then sent a series of unsolicited emails to bait and switch customer to other golf courses.  After unsubscribing, additional emails were tardily received from GolfNow.

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    I am appalled at how unethical Golf Now is treating golf courses. They totally go against the the integrity of game,
    It would be nice to see the PGA of America jump in here and actually try and make some money for the people who support the industry. At least they would be ethical. By implementing their own system rather than these robbers.


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    We all know that GolfNow and the other 3rd party online tee time companies are only in the business to make a profit. The problem as I see it is that GolfNow is so embedded in the industry that if a course wants to continue making any kind of profit they almost have to use GolfNow. Too many golfers use their system. If all 3rd party tee time companies were to go away we could go back to doing business the way we used to, but I am afraid those days are over.