GolfNow Cares launches within 11 hours of EZ Links – PGA Tour Announcement

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The email received contained, “Contact GolfNow Cares Partner Support today at 1 (844) 800-GOLF or” (1)  We believe this is a new “branding strategy” for GolfNow.

I am confident a lot of daily-fee course owners are chuckling wondering where has the love and caring been for the past ten years?  Nothing like competition to level the playing field.

In our May, 2015 newsletter article, “Pro vs. Con:  Two Respected Industry Veterans Present “White Papers” on Third Party Tee Time Debate,” 85% voted “Con” on the value of third party tee time distributors.

One has also to chuckle at the statement in the EZ Links press release from the PGA Tour, “We believe the creation of EZLinks Golf LLC will have a positive and direct influence on inspiring play at the recreational level.” (2)  Do they believe that golf operators are that naïve and can’t see through to the real motivation of a money grab trying to split the $150 million Golf Channel has garnered?

The real question is, if you watched the recent David Feherty interview of the PGA Tour Commissioner, “How is this initiative for the PGA Tour consistent with the top priorities  outlined in that television program?”  I would enjoy listening to the case quantifying with empirical evidence how this alliance directly benefits PGA Tour Professionals and the Tour’s Charities.

While research from the National Golf Foundation for Golf Channel concluded third party tee time distributors increase rounds played among avid golfers, what that research did not address was the impact on revenue per available round (REVPAR) or total revenue.  Until Golf Channel commissions an independent study to quantify the impact on REVPAR, this segment of the industry will largely remain “smoke and mirrors.”

Why do we comment?  Our mission is to create astute insights that guide golf course operators to create value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of their golf courses.  I must have skipped the MBA Finance class at the University of Michigan on how disintermediating customers, diluting market share, and lowering consumer prices in a market that has a fixed customer base produces incremental profits.

If you are looking for answers as a golf course owner, click here.  Chapter 7 to 10 of “The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?” will provide you the guidance you seek.

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1:  GolfNow Cares <> Sent:  Monday, June 8, 2015 5:08 p.m. To: Jim Keegan <> Subject:   Demand Change Alert: Father’s Day is fast approaching!
2:  PGA TOUR Communications [] Sent: Monday, June 8, 2015 6:15 AM To: Subject: EZLinks Golf LLC Announcement



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