Golf Datatech – March 2020 Rounds Report

March 2020 rounds were down 8.5% compared to the same month last year.  Year to date rounds are up 3.8% over 2019. 


Golf Datatech reported the following:

March Notes: March 2020 rounds represents an inflection point as the golf industry dealt with coronavirus closures in what would usually be seasonally open markets.  Due to governmental actions, many states closed courses to play, however in several cases these closures did not hit until late in the month.  

Also, most northern markets typically have minimal to no play in March, however this year, due to some above average weather, some were open early, however they still represent a very small piece of overall play.

For the foreseeable future Golf Datatech will omit data for the metropolitan areas, as the database of reporting courses makes some markets statistically unstable.  

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