Getting You to Number 1

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Getting You to Number 1
Who has seen the most golf courses in the world?

After traveling 2.7 million miles on United, having collected over 2,750 scorecards and 1,500 logo golf balls, I believe I have seen over 4,000 golf courses in 46 countries.

Why does that matter to you?  From our passion for the game game of golf, we have been able to:

1)  Amass an incredible collection of insights and perspectives to guide your course to profitability.  Click here.  The Members Only Section is limited to 200 subscribers.

2) Research and create a golf executive management system (GEMS) that reveals and help you achieve the  potential of your golf course.    We have developed 21 templates to streamline to accelerate your path to success.
~ Need a five-year cash flow forecast in 15 minutes, we have the template.  Click here to preview.

~ What is the right price for your green fee, our straightforward exercise.  Click here to preview.

~ How many labor hours do you need to maintain the course?  Click here to preview Mike Vogt’s formula.
Our best clients are in the top 33% of golf course management teams.  They are leaders seeking to go from good to great.   Are you in that group?

Would like to go it on your own?  Acquire the Golf Enterprise Management System and download the 21 templates – click here.

Would you like for us to do the work for you?  Enroll in our Fall Webinar series starting on September 10, 2015 to ensure the financial performance of your golf course  in 2016 is flat out awesome.   Together we will create a winning strategic plan.  Click here.



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