Fling Golf gaining traction. It is a new sport that I think would be fun to try.

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FlingGolf is a fun new sport that is played on a golf course, with a golf ball and even in the same foursome as golfers. Instead of hitting the ball, players play the entire course with a single FlingStick to throw the ball and expertly shape their shots from tee to hole.  It is scored similarly to golf, but with a much simpler set of rules and a quick pace of play.

Players love FlingGolf because it is fun to play and easy to learn, with most players able to get out on the course in less than a half hour. Since it meshes seamlessly with golf, golfing friends and family can play right alongside FlingGolfers in the same foursome. (Think snowboarding and skiing.)

Golf courses love FlingGolf because it requires no changes to the course, no special tee times, and there are no divots, and it attracts a young athletic crowd.  The quick pace of play ensures that FlingGolfers will not hold up golfers.  FlingGolf appeals to golf courses looking to increase greens fee revenue.

FlingGolf was created by Alex Van Alen (who grew up playing lacrosse and golf) in Massachusetts and there are currently thousands of players and over 300 FlingGolf friendly courses in the US, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.  Courses are seeing significant incremental revenue as they are filling empty tee-times with new young players and families.

To learn more and to be registered FlingGolf friendly, course owners can register at the sports website, www.flinggolf.com.  FlingGolf is an official partner of the National Golf Course Owners Association.

A quote from Dr. Joe Beditz, President/CEO, National Golf Foundation, it really captures what FlingGolf is becoming:

“Snowboarding didn’t kill skiing. It saved skiing. It saved the operators. We have to find our version of that.”

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