Does the Alamo Car Rental Model Provide Relevant Example for Golf Courses to Follow?

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One of the troubling aspects of revenue management in golf is no-shows and, more significantly, short-shows.

Alamo Car Rental provides customers a 10% discount ( if customers prepay.   Admittedly, I rarely prepay when using Hertz or Alamo preferring for some odd reason the flexibility that something might change my plans.   However, I am now thinking my frivolous ways should change with respect to car rentals and pondered the applicability of this pricing tool for golf.

Recently, I encountered an 8 hour round:  4 hours to arrange a group in which the 4th player who confirmed – cancelled, which led me to reaching out to six others unsuccessfully to fill the forth.  The loser was unfortunately the golf course.  We showed with 3 costing them $120.

What do you think?  Should golf courses offer a 10% on a non-refundable, non-cancellable basis like car rental companies and some hotel chains, i.e., Marriott, are doing? I think so.

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