Customer Relationship Management Gone Awry

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What is wrong with this email I received?  

How can you prevent making the same error with your clients?

The key to customer relationship management is properly segmenting your database based on gender, age, ethnicity, loyalty, spending, etc.  For a golf course, you may also want to gather data about an individual’s playing ability, whether they have purchased a season pass or frequent player discount card.

In the email received from United Airlines, they are offering me to purchase a premium cabin upgrade with two free checked bags.   As a 1K flyer with United Airlines having flown 2,885,000 miles on that airline, I am already entitled to the benefits for free that they are offering me to purchase.

Several days later, United Airlines makes the same mistakes again as shown below offering me a new benefit of preferred seating which I have enjoyed for years.

Seats 7A, 7F or 21 A or 21F are my seats of choice when flying cattle class.  United Airlines isn’t the only major company demonstrating poor customer relationship management; Hertz also erred in December 2018 as shown below:

At least Hertz immediately recognized there mistakes an issued a follow-up email shown below:

As a golf course operator, you can take some solace that these major firms with all their resources make errors.   It also underscores the potential of enhancing customer loyalty when you get in right.

For 2019, a worthy goal is segmenting your golf course database properly to effectively boost the yield received from your marketing endeavors.

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