Colorado Golf Association – First in the Nation? Prepaid Tee Times Required – A Tee Time Policy of Note

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The Colorado Golf Association owns and self-manages the Commonground Golf Course with the vision statement, “Located at the Intersection of Mission and Masterpiece” a Tom Doak designed 7,220 yard Par 71 that is described as follows on the website:

Through the use of “width that matters” and strategic placement of features, this Tom Doak design delivers an outstanding experience to all levels of golfers. From the raw beginner, to the most skilled player, CommonGround Golf Course has been designed to maximize the enjoyment of the game for everyone. Although located in the heart of the city, the urban sprawl surrounding the course is unnoticeable, and the breathtaking views of the majestic front range of Colorado are a site to behold. With a commitment to tradition and excellence, Tom Doak and Renaissance Golf Design have created a masterpiece for the ages that is easy to walk, worthy of the highest level of competition, and most importantly fun to play.

This golf course uses dynamic pricing with rates varying with discounts provided to CGA Members based on the first confirmation of one’s membership with the procedure detailed as illustrated here:

What is really unique, perhaps the first time I have observed, is the requirement for a tee time to be prepaid inside the seven day booking window as shown here:

One could quibble that the golf course should also provide the golfer the opportunity to reserve a cart to avoid the cart becoming a taxable service. However, with demand for golf remaining strong, particularly in the major metropolitan markets, the Colorado Golf Association should be congratulated for securing a revenue stream by protecting against no shows or short shows. It would seem implementation of the Colorado Golf Association would be prudent, even when considering the potential of administering the charge backs from some customers and the resistance likely to be received from the customer for being held accountable for the tee times booked.

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    Seems like a logical procedure to follow however it would be interesting to know how it is working in practice. Are no shows / short shows dramatically reduced or eliminated entirely? What is the procedure for dealing with disgruntled golfers who may be forced by circumstances to cancel a tee time? How are weather induced cancellations dealt with?

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      The policy is working in practice though it has the limitation that you can not pre-pay for carts, range, etc. The course is very flexible on weather related cancellations and golfers can cancel, with refund, up to 24 hours before the tee time and receive a credit too the card used. The only downside, as to be expected, is that golfers grumble about having to pre-pay but with the demand so high,they have little option but to comply.