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Rob MacGregor, CPGA Professional, writes, 

“Absolutely a joy speaking with someone who has the same, albeit advanced, ‘mindset’ on our business/game/sport.  I thoroughly enjoy our chats and tapping into your knowledge and experience.  Your products are the best, without question and I read your latest edition book, over and over.”

For a preview of Rob’s course in Ft. McMurray, Canada, click here.

Peter Nyber, General Manager of Bro Hof Slott, writes,

“You are a genius!  Your brain can only be compared to another great one in Bro Hof.  Thank you once again.  Your book is great.  You know the business and there are many things in the book that make me smile.”

If you would like a copy of the book at a 50% discount, click here, and enter discount code, WHY50.  By the way, when you visit Sweden, Bro Hof Slott is a must-play course.  Finest greens I have putted on in a long while.  Fabulous work by Bruce Charlton of the Robert Trent Jones, Jr. design firm.

From late July through mid-August, we are traveling to eight countries in Europe studying their business models for golf courses.  The research will be publish in forthcoming newsletters and in our next book, “The Business of Golf – International Edition.”  Our goal is to publish by mid-2015.

We hope you join us on the path to success as a few spots remain in the Fall Webinar series.  Click here to register.

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