Are Used Clubs Sales Hurting the Growth of the Game?

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While I might call many of you who receive this newsletter and ask a favor to order for me a new set of golf clubs, I would find such a request a great intrusion on our professional relationship. The implied expectation would be I was seeking to pay merely your cost plus a nominal markup.  Would never impose.

Thus, I went to Golf Galaxy for the Taylormade M3 driver, M4 15HL, M4 21HL, Calloway Rogue Pro Irons 4 – W with Mack Daddy wedges at 48, 54 and 60 degrees.  The clubs retailed for $2,816.59.  I paid only $1,841.84 for a custom-made set.

Why was such a discount available at Golf Galaxy?

The discount was available as Callaway was offering a 50% bonus on the trade in on golf clubs.  I received a $750 credit for 8-year-old Taylormade metal clubs (1, 3, 5) and 4-year-old Titleist AP2 irons with accompanying Vokey wedges at 52 56 and 60 degrees.   In addition, Golf Galaxy provided other discounts including loyalty point redemption.

What caught me by surprise was that my used clubs were immediately put on the floor at prices that I found stunningly highly.   Golf Galaxy marked the 8-year-old Taylormade Driver at a retail price of $999 on sale for $499.  To download pictures of the prices the used clubs were sold for click download button.  Download

You would think in offering used clubs at a discount would help grow the game.  But does it actually hurt?    My wedges from heavy use were worthless.  The grooves were shot. Titleist indicates that one should replace their wedges after 75 rounds. To see YouTube video in which wedge performance was tested:  Click here 

What about offering reconditioned golf balls as seen here:

Do you think accomplished golfers are buying these balls?  I don’t.   Why wouldn’t the recreational golfer buy new golf balls from the plethora of models available?

If retailers are selling used clubs at inflated prices to individuals who I suspect lack the financial resources to buy a new set but with their anticipation of improved performance on the golf courses or refurbished balls, are we doing the industry any favors?

I am not sure.  What do you think?

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    $499 for an 8 year old driver? Crazy!