Are Consultants Worth the Money?  

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We ask ourselves that question daily.  A guest sees more in an hour than a host sees in a year.  Thus, an independent perspective brings great value in identifying a proper strategic vision, the tactical resources required, and the optimum policies and procedures to be implemented.

But if execution does not occur, is the money invested in the study wasted?

To study ways to effectively communicate, we constantly review the reports we prepare and those of competitors to determine how best to present actionable recommendations as illustrated below:

In today’s attention deficit world, I find it hard to believe that anyone reads these reports closely or obtains any value therefrom.  The days of municipalities spending more than $50,000 to please the commissioners should be over.  Do you agree, Sarah? Such expensive studies waste taxpayer resources.

The key to retaining a consultant we now believe is partnering with the client delivering a short presentation with an embedded GANTT chart outlining the steps to success by week.  If we are not making a difference, why do it?

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