April Poll – Dress Standards for A Public Golf Course Should There Be Any? 

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Often reality is stranger than fiction.  My wife and her two sisters went for a walk in McDowell Mountain Park.  The rattlesnakes are out and about so they took golf clubs as “walking sticks” and for protection.  They were dressed in athletic attire. 

As they were returning to this four golf course neighborhood, about 1/2 mile from the nearest clubhouse, they were stopped by a golfer who was returning from the course pushing their remote controlled golf cart.  The golfer, presuming they were headed to the range stated, “You are not appropriately dressed to go and hit balls.”

We witnessed another golfer on an isolated putting/chipping area being addressed by an individual as not being appropriately dresses in running pants and a golf shirt.

What do you think? Should there by any dress standards for a public golf course. Vote Now

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