A Key Question: Is the Software Vendor Focused on You – the Golf Course Owner – or the Golfer?

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Our focus has always been to create value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of a golf course.  As an alternative to hiring a manager company and paying annual fees above $100,000 annually, we create strategic plans for golf courses, guide them in selecting the tactical resources required, and provide guidance in optimizing their rate structure, staffing, and the appropriate policies to maximize the return on their investment.  The investment a course makes in our comprehensive analysis is typically less than $25,000.

As such we are always undertaking research to identify for our clients those tools that will help them achieve our defined mission.  It is for this reason we are very supportive of software firms that are “operator-focused” vs. “consumer-focused.”  It explains why we are opposed to bartering tee time sold to golfers in exchange for software.  The golf course is being disintermediated by their customer.

I recently researched a software application, Noteefy, that is “white-labeled” to the golf course, charges merely a license fee, and doesn’t have an interest in barter or a commission.

Here is why I like it.  I spend a lot of time trying to find a single tee time at the Ridge at Castle Pines on Saturday.  This software would automatically notify me of openings when there is a cancellation.  It would save me time hunting and pecking or getting up after midnight to try and find a tee time.

From the golf shop’s perspective, Noteefy reduces calls to the course and central reservations.   It would also ensure that the tee time from last-minute cancellations got booked.  You can set the window for notification to the golfer to whatever you want – even 1 hour in advance of the actual time.  All golfers looking for a time get notified and are able to book on a first come, first serve basis.

Further, the software shows you future demand for tee times.  This is a vastly superior projection of future demand as differentiated from Priswing and Sagacity which feature historical demand analysis.  Based on the projection, you could adjust prices to match the forecasted demand.  Think it is a great revenue-generating tool.

Note that our analysis is independent.  We neither endorse or receive any consideration from any software vendor we review.  Our sole interest in providing insights and perspectives to golf course owners for their benefit.

Here is information the company provided our firm for your seasoned review:

Quick Summary on Noteefy:

Noteefy (pronounced ‘notify’)  Noteefy is a technology company bringing golf operators the first automated tee time assistant/waitlist to improve the golfer booking experience, while accelerating course revenue and efficiency. The Noteefy booking assistant enables golfers to input their personalized playing preferences, then get a real time notification when their desired tee time becomes available. The golfer then books on the existing POS tee sheet as they normally would, and the course keeps 100% of the revenue.

Golfers never need to call again, and operators fill every desired tee time.

Noteefy is working today over 100 courses – including 5 of the top 10 US MCOs and 30% of the 2023 GolfWeek top US 25 public courses to bring cutting edge technology and innovation to golf operators.

The average course leveraging the Noteefy platform is seeing a $50,000 boost in incremental revenue and 40% reduction in phone calls.


2 Min Demo Video: How Noteefy works

If you would like to speak with GMs or operators highly knowledgeable of the platform, feel free to reach out to any of the following for unique quotes:

@Brian Reed– GM at Simi Hills Golf Course (CA)

@Jordan Powell – Revenue Manager at Sand Valley (WI)

@Richard Cessna– GM at Black Gold Golf (CA)

@Zac Keener– GM at Chambers Bay (WA)

@Kevin McCort – KemperSports Director of Strategy and Operations


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