A huge challenge for golf – the average round takes 8 hours. Yes – 8 hours…

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Why do more people not play golf?  The standard excuses of cost, weather, difficulty of the game and time sort of ring hollow to me.   For me, the biggest hassle in golf in arranging a foursome to play.

Recently, I tried to line up a group to play the fabulous and revitalized “The Golf Club at Ravenna.”   Starting a month in advance and providing the guests an entire week to select a mutually convenient time, it was 16 emails before the date was selected.   Three days before the scheduled round, one of the players had his son coming in and wanted the group to switch the time to a day earlier.   Six emails later we were down to a threesome.  15 more emails were sent trying to find a fourth.  We ultimately played a threesome, had a fabulous time but the full opportunity to network amongst those within the golf industry was diminished.

Two weeks ago, I was invited to play Sand Hills, Dismal River & the Prairie Club with the opportunity to invite a guest to join our host.  Eight emails to individuals that would enjoy the experience and provide insights regarding the business of golf to our host provided naught.  The travel editor for a major golf publication responded that having to walk to play golf during August was largely unappealing and something he had no interest in doing.

Golf, as a recreational sport, largely works if you have a standard group who play at a regular time.  Other than that, it is way too much brain damage to arrange a group of people to play.

That is what I think.  What do you think.  Comment below.




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