What is missing in the Pro Shop?

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The merchandise at a golf course can range widely from merely “consumables” – gloves, balls, tee, etc. to elaborate department stores, as shown here at Sea Island, GA.

There are three items that I have never found within a golf shop that I think would be popular sellers:  CBD Gum, the Stack System.com, and a Voice Caddie SC 300I Launch Monitor.

Have you ever tried to find CBD gum?  Spent most of July looking to replace what I had purchased at a remote course in Butte, MT.  You can’t buy it on Amazon or at Walgreens or Target.  Medterra use to offer the gum to consumers but now only through wholesalers.  By chance, last week I was an email from onthegreencbd.com: 10 pieces of gum cost $18.  Now I own two cans of the gum.I would think this would be a popular item among millennials and seniors like myself who are seeking inner peace on the golf course after a three-putt, a bladed, or chunked wedge.  Really enjoy the CBD creams that help my aching back, calf muscle, and left elbow.

It should be noted that though the CBD market has grown very saturated, not all CBS products are created equal as the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate the industry.  Getting a certificate of analysis, a sourcing and short ingredients list and third-party testing results when buying CBD isolate or the entire spectrum (including THC) is advised.

On relief, the distance one strikes the golf ball is inversely correlated to age.  Disappointingly, I am finding it hard to reach par 4s over 450 yards in regulation and forget about getting on a Par 5 in 2.  The answer is hopefully the Stack System.

Matthew Fitzpatrick, the 2022 US Open Champion at Brookline, commented that as a “short hitter,” the use of the Stack System made a significant improvement in his driving distance.

Here is how the StackSystems works:  How The Stack System Works.

STACK offers a series of training programs online via integration to a separately purchased launch monitor:  Swing Caddie SC200 Plus is one of the five recommended monitors.

Personally, I liked the Swing Caddie SC300i for $499 shown below.  The Iphone app is simply awesome.

While custom-fitted clubs are de rigueur for every golfer I believe, the launch monitor is invaluable in knowing the distances I hit each club.  I was surprised to learn that I hit the 18 and the 21-degree Taylormade metals at 218 and 217 yards, respectively.  The Ping i210 nine iron and the wedge also had, after hitting 30 balls with each club, almost comparable distances – 128 yards.

The combination of the Stack System and the launch monitor will hopefully cure how short I am hitting the ball as I age.

Had these three items been available in the Pro Shop, I would have purchased them long ago.

That is what I believe.  What do you think should be stocked in a Golf Shop that is currently missing?

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