E-Book: Business of Golf: What Are You Thinking? (2024 Edition)


ISBN: 978-0984626830

Coming Soon! Available May 15th 2024

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A textbook on the Business of Golf –
How to Maximize the Financial Return of a Golf Course.

Author: James J Keegan

During the next twelve months, more than 58 million golfers will decide where to go play over 1 billion rounds of golf on nearly 33,000 golf courses. What influences their decision?  They all have one thing in common:  they are seeking value-based entertainment.

What does it take to attract and retain those decision makers?  The financial success of a golf course is dependent on understanding those motivations and ensuring that the experience created exceeds the price charged.

In ground-breaking research based on hard economic data, extensive field experience, and numerous client case studies, eight key concepts that accurately predict the success of a golf course are revealed:

  1. The age, income, ethnicity and population density within 10 miles of the course.
  2. The number of playable days measured against the efficiency of management.
  3. The integration of software to create actionable information.
  4. Financial benchmarking facility performance against peers.
  5. Continual “appropriate” investment in the course infrastructure, equipment and labor.
  6. Ensuring the “assembly line” of customer touch points matches the desired experience intended:  platinum, gold, silver, bronze or steel.
  7. Understanding the golfer’s habits and preferences.
  8. Evaluating and developing customer loyalty.


This book sheds light on virtually every aspect of golf course operations – strategic, tactical and operational.  You’ll learn why some golf courses are successful while others flounder.

The JJKeegan+ WIN™ formula taught in this textbook is an easy-to-follow method that has consistently increased the financial return of golf courses, and enhances the customer experience to the desired level.

In an industry that is struggling who can afford to ignore the findings of this book, and the formula for success that is presented?

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