Season Passes vs. Frequent Player Cards

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Golf is a fascinating business with so many vastly different business models to sell what is essentially the same basic service/experience.  Within the standard “daily fee/semi-private/private” structure, there are almost an unlimited number of pricing formats.

The daily fee side is perhaps the most prolific – you have per-round pricing (with a complex matrix at even the most basic of courses), season-pass (which is in essence just a discounted daily fee) and frequent player cards.  The industry also has pricing based on the number of holes and the type of golf you play:  Footgolf, Fling Golf, etc. plus hybrid models such as Great Life Golf.

We have developed an EXCEL template to guide golf course owners in the proper pricing of season passes and the issuance of loyalty cards.  A $199 investment, which 30 minutes of online training, will generate a returned exceeding $20,000 if the sage guidance the exercise generates is implemented.


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