Becoming a Member provides you access to the Resources Library containing insights and perspectives to over 200+ articles, podcasts, presentations, videos, etc. on a vast array of subjects to mentor to  you create value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial potential of your golf course.  You are also provided access to the training tools available in the online education section of the website.

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We can maximize the financial potential of your golf course. We should start now.


I will produce value to you by August 31, 2020 exceeding $10,000 for an investment of $500 or I will refund your deposit.  This exclusive offer is extremely limited to the first 100 leaders who subscribe. Is there a catch?  Only one.  That you are committed to utilize the resources we provide in partnership to increase the financial performance of your golf course. ​  I am looking for dedicated leaders not spectators.


I am to going to present to you the following fabulous assets:

  • A vast library of MEMBER RESOURCES (click here to preview Table of Contents).  Over 200 article, presentations and research studies deliver comprehensive commentary on a wide range of essential topics ranging from advertising, agronomy, architecture and best management practices to strategic planning, technology, third party tee times and yield management.
  • A proven strategic plan model that I recommend we execute (The Business of Golf – Why? How? What? for seasoned professionals.) A copy of the book will be sent to you for your staff to read.
  • We will calculate for your course the 7 key numbers that predicts the potential for your facility.  Our research has shown that some facilities have an uphill challenge due to uncontrollable factors while others have a substantial opportunity to increase revenue.  You will learn which category your golf course is in.
  • Sage guidance to address whatever issue has you perplexed.  Two hours of personal consultation is available.
  • A 50% savings on all services we provide. The “Golf Executive Management System” of 21 templates will streamline your operation (click here).The system has been validated on over 50 golf courses by your peers in the last 18 months with stunning results.

I am looking to become your “personal maestro” reading all relevant industry publications, attending the vital trade shows and conducting the field research required to ensure your success.

You will benefit by my reporting to you daily industry trends and news via Facebook, Twitter or Linked In (click here for sample).  The best management practices I observe will be posted to Instagram (click here).   My blog (click here) will keep you current on all development impacting the “business of golf.”  Quarterly, I am going to conduct for you a Webinar of the latest trends effecting your golf course.


During the past 25 years, I have traveled to 46 countries reviewing the golf operations of over 4,000 golf courses.   From this research and guiding many clients to dramatically superior results, I have developed a formula and created a management system that will absolutely improve the financial performance of a golf course and enhance the golfer’s experience.

I realize that change is difficult and new ideas are hard to accept for many.  As a leader you are different.  That is why I want to apply the vast knowledge that I have gained in partnership with you as one of the Top 100 golf course managers.    Together we will condense masses of data that confuse your peers into easy to understand initiatives that will produce immediate results.

Is what I am offering a fair value? It is my opinion that there is a lack of relevant concise information available to you from the industry’s trade Associations, i.e. CMAA, Golf Operators Association, National Club Association, NGCOA or the National Golf Foundation.   They create noise not clarity.  I seek to muffle the distraction and provide action oriented concepts that will benefit you in the short term.  To view the benefits I offer versus what an Association provides (click here).  My passion is to create value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of your golf course.

These resources, available for an annual membership fee of $500, can be adapted to your personal style of learning.

May I help you accelerate your flight to success?  First class boards here.


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