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How Do You Learn Best?  Are you…

  • Active in the golf business and seek to increase the net income at your facility?

  • A Collegiate Professional Golf Management student seeking to be employed in the golf industry?

  • An avid golfer who wants to learn about the business of golf from an insider’s perspective?

If you identify with any of these goals: Congratulations. This web site is designed for you.

Online Education Opportunities


We offer four different methods to expand online your knowledge of the “business of golf.”

  1. Textbooks that are acclaimed and award winning in hardback and e-book versions.  These resources are ideal for all and include a test bank of questions to ensure progress in your learning.
  2. Case Studies representing adaptation of field research conducted on behalf of clients.
  3. Webinars for Collegiate Professional Golf Management Students and golf industry personnel.
  4. Resource Library including monthly newsletters, press releases, podcasts with industry leaders, surveys, video tips on key operational, webinars hosted by JJ Keegan+ with current perceptions and white papers including photo essays on best management practices and the impact of third party tee time vendors.  This material is available to members of the Partnership  Forum.

Level One - Textbooks

We have written a series of books with a passionate focus on creating value for the golfer based on a foundation that optimizes the financial return for the golf course owner.

These books have been purchased in 17 countries and are used by 16 Professional Golf Management programs as their capstone class.

The Business of Golf – What Are You Thinking? Is a basic primer that has garnered widespread appeal, due to its singularity as a sources that provides strategic, tactical and operational guidance.

In contrast to the basic primer, “The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?, caters to the seasoned industry professional.  The books guides a gold course management team through a 7 step process of creating a strategic vision, determining the resources to be allocated and the policies and procedures that require consistent execution, accompanied with 21 operational templates.

Level Two – Case Studies

To provide readers of the textbooks the opportunity to solidify their knowledge, case studies have been prepared:

The Business of Golf – What Are You Thinking?

The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?

Each case study is accompanied by the requisite supporting resources including geographic market data, weather playable day reports, PGA PerformanceTrak Financial benchmarks and customer survey information.

It should be noted that these case studies have been adapted from client projects undertaken by JJ Keegan+ and present the actual strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the subject golf course.

To provide teachers of these classes supporting resources, Power Point Presentations have been prepared for each chapter of the text books and the answers for the test bank of questions is provided.

Webinars are presented throughout the semester to the students with the most current trends in the golf industry throughout the semester based on the request of facility.   Presentations have been made to students at Clemson University, Golf Academy of America, Keiser University College of Golf, University of Maryland – Eastern Shore.

Level Three – Webinars

We offer two types of online class instruction.

Webinars are presented throughout the semester to students based on the request of facility.  We highlight current trends in the golf industry.  Presentations have been made to students at Campbell University, Clemson University, Golf Academy of America, Keiser University College of Golf, and University of Maryland – Eastern Shore.

In September, January and April, we offer a two month webinar series comprising 10 online classes in which their strategic plans are created implementing the 7 steps and the accompanying 21 templates.  Up to ten golf courses participate to ensure each receives personal attention.

The principles and templates were vetted by 19 leading golf course managers operating 57 golf courses for a Clemson University Ed.D. Dissertation written by the Director of PGA Professional Golf Management Program.

It is no coincidence that the facilities who have participated in the two month Webinar series over the past 18 months were already managing the most efficient golf courses in the United States before attending the series.

While other strategists and consultants will tell you what you should do, these webinars actually show you and partner with you in applying academic theory to create a customized practical solution for you.

These individuals were clearly leaders looking to improve and include:

Alamo City Golf Trail


City of Baltimore


City of Bloomington


City of Brooklyn Park


City of Cedar Rapids


City of Charlotte


City of Columbus


City of Ft. Worth


City of Virginia Beach


Crystal Mountain Resort


Fernie Golf and Country Club


Golf Club at La Quinta


Irvine Management company


Jemsek Management Company


Kokanee Springs Resort


Northstar Golf Course


Oneida Nation


Play Golf Calgary


Western Illinois University