Webinar Feedback

“Thank you for leading us through the winter webinar series over the last couple of months. You continually challenged our team at KSR with insights and observations designed to engage the team and have them question preconceived notions and current industry “think”.

It was a great learning process for us and now the challenge will be to implement the ideas and tactics put forward over the course of the series. I have every confidence that the team has embraced much of the information presented and will work to incorporate it into our daily business.

We’re already benefiting in a number of ways including managing our tee sheet better, enhancing our website (a work in progress) and developing a better awareness of where our business derives from and the importance of customer service. What you presented and lead us through is a manual to better understanding and operating a golf operation by employing logical business tactics based on provable statistical analysis.

It is now up to us to make the improvements – you’ve more than done your part! Sincere thanks for providing the road map to success.”

~Peter Aeillo, Managing Partner, Kokanee Springs Resort

“June 2014 saw us increase our sales just in Greens and cart fees by $40,000 with an increased ADR of $3.00. We have put into effect almost all of your recommendations. And it is working!  Here are the things we have done. And I am putting these in order of importance…
1.  Hired a high-quality golf course superintendent who is a fit for our culture.   He has totally transformed the quality of our golf courses to rival any course in Northern Michigan.
2.  Using yield-managed tee times through Golfswitch.
3.  Maintaining closer contact with our email database.  We are sending more information out (once per week).
4.  More of a golf focus on our website and easier to find where to book tee times
5.  Purchase of new golf accessories such as tee signs, garbage cans, water coolers, ball washers.  Also revamped our driving range with all new products.  AND USING WHITE RANGE BALLS!!!!
6.  New wooden flagsticks and bunker rakes.
7.  New rough unit and greens roller and bench grinder and reel grinder.
8.  Added amenities to golf carts (hand towels, bag tags, tees) and put a scorecard and pencil with an eraser on each cart.
Jim I brag to everyone how you brought life back to our golf operation.
I even had Chris and Jim MacInnes say “Thanks for reviving our golf product”.  It was forgotten for several years.  Bringing you into the picture MADE THE DIFFERENCE!!  Cause nobody would listen to me!!”

~Brad Dean, Director of Golf, Crystal Mountain

“Participating in the Clemson Study with JJKeegan+ was one of the best moves we made in 2013.  Our company strives to be on the cutting edge, and we do many creative and unique things. However, going through the steps outlined by Jim Keegan’s “The Business of Golf: What Are You Thinking” was an eye-opening experience for us.We found many basic areas where we had substantial room for improvement, and came away from the process with a better understanding of our overall business.  We have tweaked our business plan in a way that has already resulted in revenue improvement, and I am excited about our ability to continue to make positive changes based on what we learned.”

~Del Ratcliffe, PGA Ratcliffe Golf Services, Inc.

“Thank you for hosting your series of webinars expanding on the topics covered in The Business of Golf. I have enjoyed the first two sessions – although I must admit session two has me swimming in numbers. Nothing a little bit of studying won’t cure!”

~Laura Provost, PGA, Weibring Golf Club at Illinois State University

“Thanks for doing the webinar. Very informative, but perhaps a little “tough love” toward someone (that would be me) who feels very strongly about keeping my staff as city employees while also providing a recreational sport that absolutely adds to the quality of life for our citizens and visitors to our city. I know what you are saying is logical and makes sense to consider, but our courses and the staff have become very personal for me, so sometimes it’s difficult for me to be objective especially when I have to also deal with political leaders who aren’t the least bit interested or supportive of golf because they don’t play the game and they view it as an elitist sport.”

~Terri Leist, Assistant Director and Golf Administrator, City of Columbus, OH

“This was fantastic. It’s very inspirational and makes me want to commit more to our service standards, and our traditions! Very well done!”

~ Andrew Peterson, Alamo City Golf Trail

“As a golf course operator for over thirty years, I was surprised at how much useful information I gleaned from my participation.  If you want evaluate the way you are doing business, and compare it to others across the country, this is the class for you.  Jim Keegan and JJKeegan+ are experts in golf operations and you will find the process enlightening and invaluable.”

~ James E. Roschek, President & CEO, CEO 
Municipal Golf Association San Antonio

“You are becoming the Swiss Army Knife of Golf Consultants. Everything to everybody!”

~Rob Waldron, Marcus & Millichap

“You are a genius! Your brain can only be compared to another great one in Bro Hof, thank you.”

~Peter Nyberg, Bro Hoff Slot

“Great job today.  Best one that I have attended.  Glad we are getting the deliverable s because there was a ton of information given out. I took 3 1/2 pages of notes and I have read the books and attended the webinars. Only construction criticism is that it is so fast paced, it is hard to retain.  But then again, that may be perfect from your perspective, attendees have to engage you later for more information. Again, fantastic work.”

~ Andrew Wood, Legendary Marketing

I wanted to again thank you for a wonderful class.  I have been sitting in GCSAA seminars for 20 years now and your class was one of the best I have ever had the privilege to take.  It is very evident that you are passionate about what you do and your delivery of the “why” was spot on.  I look forward to the webinar and going over all of the material finding creative ways to implement these strategies at my club. Thanks again, and if you are ever near the western mountains of North Carolina I would love to show you a truly first class private/resort golf club.”

~ Jerry C. West, Director of Operations Old Edwards Club

“Thanks, for providing your webinars and other servises.  You and your team are providing a very valuable service to our industry.  Kudos and Thank You!”

~Steve Bengtson, GM/PGA Professional, Whitefish Golf Club

“JJ, I’ve gotten more from your newsletters, webinars and chats than from any organization I’ve paid $1000+ annually to be a member of – tenfold likely.”

~Rob Macgregor, PGA, MacDonald Island Park

“Thank you JK, great information. Thank you for how much you do for the industry and those of us who work with the future operators/owners.”

~ Fred Barr, Golf Academy of America

“Thank you so much for a terrific presentation yesterday. You, literally, covered all the key points that Randy Shannon and I hoped you would address. It is testimony to the worth of the information that you provided that the class was very attentive, even when we kept them through their designated break time. It is also impressive to us that you not only verbalize your commitment to helping the golf industry and the game of golf, but that you also “walk the walk”. Your willingness to conduct a webinar for us without charging a fee is just one example of that commitment.”

~ Dr. Jack Gyves, Professional Golfer Career College.