2019 Webinar Series


Webinar Series Total – $7500
The final $3,750 is due upon course completion

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You are invited to register for a 2-month webinar series to create your 2019 strategic plan. You will be guided through the JJ Keegan+ WIN process of 7 steps and the accompanying 18 templates.

Nine “presentations” are presented based on a schedule you select in which we focus exclusively on your facility. Call 303 283 8880 now. Your golf course management team will be guided to create a winning strategic vision, determine the resources allocated and the policies and procedures to achieve consistent execution. The concepts presented will ensure your golf course achieves its financial potential.  Private Webinars will be conducted for individual golf courses upon request.

The Program

The principles and templates were vetted by 20 leading golf course managers operating 60 golf courses for a Clemson University Ed.D. Dissertation written by the Director of PGA Professional Golf Management Program. These unique insights and perspectives are presented in the textbook, “The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?.”  Begin making a difference in your golf course’s financial fortunes today.

Each course selected will have created for it a strategic blueprint that will be easy to understand and simple to execute. Each participant will receive:

  1. A geographic local market analysis identifying the financial potential of your facility. There are six key numbers that accurately forecast the potential of your facility: The MOSAIC profile, age, income, ethnicity, golfers per 18 holes and slope rating within your competitive market. These numbers are the key drivers of revenue.
  2. A weather playable days study determining if you are over- or under-performing the weather. You will also receive an 11-month weather forecast that is 83% accurate with respect to weather and 89% accurate with respect to precipitation.
  3. Evaluation of the technology currently installed at your facility to assess if it has been efficiently integrated and is properly leveraged.
  4. The financial performance of your facility benchmarked against industry norms.
  5. Deferred capital expenditures will be measured and equipment and staffing levels will be reviewed to ensure consistency with the facility’s brand promise.
  6. A secret shopping analysis highlighting the touch points on your assembly of line of golf as to whether your customer service is a platinum, gold, silver, bronze or steel level. The value created as measured by the experience provided will be determined to ascertain if your green fee rates are properly set.
  7. A proprietary survey of your golfers will be conducted to measure their customer loyalty and your demand elasticity.

The Webinar series is, as they say, a “no-brainer” for the astute golf course owner. The cost of investing in a strategic plan can range from $30,000 to $75,000. The registration fee is $7,500. A deposit of $3,750 is all that is required to attend the Webinar series. If after attending the nine one-hour Webinar sessions in which we will apply the lessons directly to your golf course, you don’t believe you have derived value, the final payment will be waived.


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