MUNICIPAL BENCHMARKS – The Keys to Your Financial Success

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There are a set of 12 numbers that accurately forecast the financial potential of a municipal golf course.

Expanding on our Predictive Index, you can now measure the potential of your golf course and obtain a complimentary 30-minute consultation to guide your facility to success.  Merely add the product to your cart, and upon completing the transaction you will be immediately provided a link to the quiz.

Upon completing the quiz, during the 30-minute consultation, in addition to learning the key 10 numbers that determine your financial success, you will obtain:

  • Your Mosaic Profile Index score and whether it is ideal considering your slope rating.
  • How you ranked out of the 15,204 golf courses in the US as to your profit potential.
  • How many golfers per 18 holes live within 10 miles of your golf course and their annual green fee and cart spending.
The investment of $250 has a retail value exceeding $1,250 and is a wise investment for the professional golf course owner and manager.


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