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PGM students are the leaders of the golf industry tomorrow.   To guide you on your journey from the classroom to the owner, general manager or Director of Golf at a facility, JJKeegan+ has created complimentary resources to provide readers of the textbooks the opportunity to solidify their knowledge.

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Each case study is accompanied by the requisite supporting resources including geographic market data, weather playable day reports, PGA PerformanceTrak Financial benchmarks and customer survey information.

It should be noted that these case studies have been adapted from client projects undertaken by JJ Keegan+ and present the actual strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the subject golf course.

To provide teachers of these classes supporting resources, Power Point Presentations have been prepared for each chapter of the text books and the answers for the test bank of questions are available.

Webinars are presented throughout the semester to the students with the most current trends in the golf industry throughout the semester based on the request of facility. Presentations have been made to students at Clemson University, Golf Academy of America, Keiser University College of Golf, Professional Golfers Career College, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, and University of Maryland – Eastern Shore.

Our textbooks are used by the following Professional Golf Management Programs: Clemson University, Golf Academy of America (six campuses), Holland College, Humbre University, Lakeshore Community College, Keiser University College of Golf, Professional Golfers Career College (3 campuses) and University of Wisconsin – Stout.